“In other words: we didn’t change the world because afternoons just weren’t good for us”

  • Text by Albert Boronat
  • Directed by Aleix Fauró
  • Sala Beckett 2015

Awarded by Fundación SGAE for new dramaturgies edition Teatro Autor Exprés

“Right now, somewhere afar, caught by the currents of the North Pacific Ocean, floats the Plastic Island. One million four hundred thousand square kilometers of garbage totally unaware of its own meaning just bobbing along, oblivious to any community or leisure sense. Without knowing, it just turns out to be a symbol adrift…”


Like some unknown guests they just come crashing into a party which is already over, but that doesn’t bother them – they are still optimistic and ridiculously patient. This play might speak about us, the ones no one will ever talk about. The ones who drink the last drop from the very bottoms of the bottles and shamefully pinch the leftovers of a cake some other people didn’t want. Us, the ones who stand next to the door and observe the sticky stains on the carpet and even manage to find them beautiful. The ones who do not understand, who even hate quantum physics.

This play might speak about people who find each other and mutually recognize themselves as members of the same species and then smile to each other because they know that once the party is over there is nothing left to lose…

Snorkel is an ironic slap upside the head to the way we live, the way we relate with each other and the way we relate with the planet that hosts us. A brilliant text full of characters who live our life, who survive by chasing the carrot on a stick from a party which, whether we want it or not, is already finished.

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Text by
Albert Boronat

Directed by
Aleix Fauró

Directing assistant
Elena Martín / Oscar Llobet

Isak Férriz, Javier Beltrán/Patrícia Bargalló, Marina Fita and Isis Martín

Lighting design
Anna Espunya

Scenic design
Margherita Mantovani

Sound design
Cesc X. Mor

Movement and coreography
Patrícia Bargalló

Costume design
La Virgueria

Anna Miralles

Graphic design
Oscar Llobet

Executive production
Marina Fita

Neus Molina

Rehearsal videos
Elena Martín

Promotional videos
Isak Férriz (Las Prod. de Rupert)

La Virgueria

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