La Virgueria Company is comprised of Aleix Fauró, Isis Martín, Marina Fita, Oscar Llobet, and Patricia Bargalló. We share the same theatrical vision: a theatre that is equally committed to social dialogue as well as the artistry — the language, the culture, the poetry, the beauty, and risk — used to provoke that dialogue.

Rather than creating a hierarchical culture in our rehearsal room, we combine our energies, placing a priority on the constant dialogue between all of the creators to make space for every artistic point of view. Teamwork is the bedrock upon which we build our shows. With the actors as facilitators, we transform textual poetry into visual poetry unlocking the plasticity hidden in objects and images, and harnessing the power of silence and a body in space. Above all, our shows carry our spectators on journeys that return them to their seats with a fresh perspective on the world around them.

Our works arise from our need to grapple with the unsettling issues of our society today, to use the theatre as a platform to give visibility to our and our audience’s concerns.

Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín founded La Virgueria Company, which grew with the addition of Oscar Llobet, Marina Fita, and Patrícia Bargalló. While these five artists comprise the core of La Virgueria, the company has cultivated a base of collaborators who take part in every project. Through the years we have developed an artistic collective dedicated to the same goal: to express ourselves through theatre. Together we express our point of view, our feelings, and our emotions.


Estudio Maravillas
Graphic Design and Video Design

Ian Gehlhaar
Set design and Video

Pablo Ley

Mar Medina

Anna Miralles

Andreu Romaní
Lighting Design and Photography

Anna Espunya
Lighting Design

Isak Férriz (Las Producciones de Rupert)

Elena Martín

El Puça
Music and Sound Design

Lluís Bòria (Estúpida Erikah)

Cesc X. Mor
Music and Sound Design

Marc Artigau

Margherita Mantovani
Set Design

Albert Boronat

Neus Molina