“What is life like when you only exist every now and then”

  • Written by Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín
  • Directed by Aleix Fauró
  • Versus Teatre 2010

“I dreamt I was flying. My vertebra number 3D is rotated. I don’t have any grandparents. I sleep naked. Speak softer. Can’t you see they are listening? I enjoy writing things on balloons and exploding them afterwards.You and I are going to dance. I prefer women wearing knickers better than thongs. I’ve got everything in here. They cannot get in here. I enjoy to take a shower and rub my body with a soap bar. A very dry Manchego cheese and a fine wine. Not with any of those liquids, nor with any chocolates, nor with anything. I walk backwards, I move backwards, I move forward by going backwards. What did I do to make you hate me so much? I’m losing everything along the way. Who knows, maybe further on…”

If Today’s Sunday Tomorrow is Thursday is a  performance which lives in between naturalism and magical realism. Combining poetic language with movement, heightened energy, music, and painting, the show tells the story of Alba and Leo, their great love, and their fantastic adventure through the corners of their relationship. 

But it also introduces the irruption of an unexpected character who will change their lives forever: schizophrenia. “What’s most essential is invisible to the eyes.”

Press mentions

“…una obra tan íntima i poètica com trista i bonica.”

El nou9

“Isis Martín en aquesta bipolaritat, obsequia al públic amb un ventall de matisos que emocionen”

Teresa Bruna,

“… ja ha convençut a molts espectadors de tota Catalunya”

Justo Barranco, La Vanguardia

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Creative team

Written by
Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Directed by
Aleix Fauró

Eduardo Telletxea, Isis Martín

Directing assistant
Daniel J. Meyer

Scenic and Video design
Ian Gehlhaar

Lighting design
Andreu Romaní

Sound design
Raúl Caballero 비아그라 구매

Music by
Robert Puça

La Virgueria

Ian Gehlhaar, Aleix Gómez

Anna Miralles, Josep Vila

Ian Gehlhaar

Jaume Roca i Jorge Vásquez

DVD Editing and design
Ian Gehlhaar i Aleix Gómez

Thanks to
Juli Macarulla, Toni Casares, Pep Pla, Pablo Ley, Carlota Subirós, Ana Carrasco, Aníbal Cortés, Anna Miralles, Carles Fauró, Fusteria Famara, Nando Gómez, Oscar Llobet, Pep Martín, Sara Ramis, Tamar Ondo i Cia. Teatro de Cerca.

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