“If I had known you’d be away for so long, I wouldn’t have let you go”

  • Written by Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín
  • Directed by Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín
  • Teatre Tantarantana 2011

A chorus of Pregnant Women moves forward slowly. Facing the public, she says: “No one should ever survive their children”. Maria is in labor. At 06:04 on April the 14th, 1992. A shag with a cannula. Aliens or the prettiest belly on earth. What do giraffes talk about? July 1997. It’s 3 AM. Did you find your sister?

Winter in the Body is a drama that explores the limits of absence, the vast emptiness inside of us when we lose someone. How do we carry on when the vacuum created by the loss is overpowering. Using just six actresses, three refrigerators, and seemingly endless bolts of fabric, this visual and emotional production emphasizes the poetry of the text through the body language, energy, music, and color.

To create the vacuum of absence we combine several artistic languages, risk with different contrasts and then serve them to the audience’s imagination.

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Creative team

Written by
Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Directed by
Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Carme Vivó, Carmela Lloret, Elsa Lluch, Isis Martín, Marina Fita, Rosa May

Mar Medina

Lighting design
Anna Espunya

Scening design
Anna Miralles, Oscar Llobet

Costume design

Ian Gehlhaar

Anna Miralles

Graphic design
Oscar Llobet

Executive director
Marina Fita

La Virgueria

Thanks to
Anna Casals, Anna Lluch, Obrador de la Sala Beckett, Pablo Ley, Iva Horvat, Josep Ma. Hernando, Álvaro de la Peña, Catambia, Mome, Magalí, Pilar Vallès, Marga de Soto, Jose Pérez, Can Perich, Mercè Òdena, Txema Retana, Maren, Sara Manzano, a los Lloret, Pep Martín, Enric, Mª Àngels, Lluís, Juli, Salema, Nora, Caroline, els Miralles, els Martín, Montse Doroteo, Carles Fauró, Iona Sierra, Aimon, Quique Culebras, Raquel Izaguirre, Solerson, Estudio Maravillas, Caramba! And special thanks to all  absences who accompany us every day! This is for you.

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