EL MISSIONER (The missionary)

“Universal aren’t friends with the neighbourhood pharmacist, they’re friends with Bayern.”

  • Text by Isis Martín and Aleix Fauró
  • Directed by Aleix Fauró
  • Dramaturg: Isis Martín

“By the time he puts the key in the door lock, he goes up the stairs two at a time and falls asleep listening to C. Tangana. He’s thinking about a star dressed as the pope fucking the whole nation. There we got the idea of cultural colonialism, it’s truly there where the name of the show comes from.”


Do you imagine that the new hit of Bad Bunny talked about the scam of the preferred shares? Do you imagine that Dua Lipa or Black Pink published a videoclip about the class consciousness or about the crisis of 2007? Do you imagine that Ed Sheeran abandoned his romantic love for a moment and dedicated a ballad to the pensions? Probably no. The mainstream videoclip, the audiovisual product most consumed by young people across the world, acts as a cultural colonizer exporting the values such as racism, classism, aporophobia, fatphobia and the dictatorship of the aesthetics, the “sexcracy”, love as a commodity and, in the end, the most harmful capitalism.

With live music, text, movement and projections, The Missionary reflects about these values of the musical industry from the irony, to raise awareness and deconstruct them. We promise not to bore you although we maybe talk about product placement or other possibilities of social organization. Even if we assert that music videos are a massive submission weapon. Ready? Let’s Dance!



Isis Martín and Aleix Fauró

Directed by
Aleix Fauró

Isis Martín

Directing assistant
Júlia Valdivielso

Internship directing assistant student (MUET)
Mohamad Bitari

Esmeralda Colette, Guillem Gefaell, Maria Garrido, Isis Martín i Alba Sáez

Movement design and coreography
Patrícia Bargalló

Soundtrack and sound design
Clara Aguilar

Lighting design
David Bofarull and Mario Andrés

Video design and projections
Francesc Isern

Scenic design
Paula Font and Paula González

Scenic design and vídeo support
Mariana Echeverri

Berta Riera

Internship costume assistant (IT)
Ivan Garcia

Graphic design
Oscar Llobet

Anna Miralles

Promotional videos
Àlex D. Sala

Executive production
Júlia Ribera

Executive production assistant
Júlia Barragán

La Virgueria

Internship communication student (UB)
Sílvia Casas

Economic management
Maria Sangüesa (IACTA)

Pedagogical advice
NUS Cooperativa

Executive production
La Virgueria, Grec 2022 Festival de Barcelona, Teatre de Lloret, Fundació Joan Brossa – Centre de les Arts Lliures, amb el suport de la Generalitat de Catalunya (ICEC).