COM MENJA UN CANÍBAL (How a cannibal eats)

“Poetic Anthology about Fragility”

  • Text by Isis Martín and Aleix Fauró
  • Directed by Isis Martín and Aleix Fauró
  • Lleialtat Santsenca – Teatre Arnau Itinerant • Escena Nacional d’Andorra • Teatre Municipal de Lloret de Mar 2019

“All of us are a bit like Fragiles. Yes, Fragiles. Maybe. All of us are a bit like Fragiles. But I am a Fragile with a capital F. From the club of the capital F. The F is an “E” whose stick has been stolen. Some substantial differences exist. Do you want to dance with me? I was laughing. Laughing because I didn’t have any other option.”


La Virgueria Company heads towards its most ambitious project since the creation of the company in 2009. A show with ten artists on stage to explain the story of Dora. The story of those who the system put aside for not being productive between capitalism’s rules.

A mirror between the past and the present that with the help of visual poetry, circus, the written word and the movement, will make us talk about what defines us as a species, about what makes us humans and about solidarity and its distance from charity.

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Written by
Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Directed by
Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Directing assistant
Marina Fita

Guillem Barbosa, Patrícia Bargalló, Sílvia Capell, Maria Garrido, Guillem Gefaell, Carles Gilabert , David Menéndez/Arnau Comas, Núria Montes, Maria Pau Pigem and Lara Renard

Movement design and coreography
Patrícia Bargalló

Lighting design
Luis Martí

Original soundtrack
Clara Peya

Scenic design
Sebastià Brosa, Paula Font and Paula González

Costume design
Berta Riera

Graphic design
Oscar Llobet

Anna Miralles

Promotional videos
Alex Díaz

Executive production
Maria Soler

Júlia Ribera

La Virgueria, Arnau Itinerant, Escena Nacional d’Andorra, Teatre Arnau (ICUB), Teatre Municipal de Lloret de Mar