180º DE CEL (180º OF SKY)

“A race towards freedom”

  • Written by Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín
  • Directed by Aleix Fauró
  • Teatre Tantarantana 2012

” 180º Of Sky begins on the day Angela walks on the beach in Barcelona for the first time in many years. She walks through all the landscapes of a life that begins again. But this time she is carrying an animal over her shoulders. An animal that lives pinned on her skin and won’t let her move on. Angela will strive for freedom while living under constant prejudice. Aiming for the real freedom, the one that will allow her to smile, to walk without fear, to be one more wherever she goes, and to build a happy life.”

180º Of Sky is a performance about the reinsertion of the incarcerated. It gives a thought on the penitentiary system in Spain, on its effectiveness and usefulness. It is also a show about the world we live in, about the rules it follows and the capacity of the System to reintegrate the people it has expelled.

It is also about the capacity to forgive, to turn the page over, and finally to forgive oneself. It is a show about lights and shadows, about tears and smiles.

Press mentions

“La companyia proposa un viatge emocional basat en la poètica del text, els cossos, la música”

Imma Fernández, El Periódico 7 junio 2012

“El projecte de la jove companyia de teatre La Virgueria prossegueix amb el mateix vigor que mostra en escena”.

Justo Barranco, La Vanguardia 8 junio 2012

“Aleix Fauró i Isis Martín reivindiquen el teatre-denúncia sense trencar el contacte emocional amb l’espectador.”

Juan Carlos Olivares, Time Out

“…Final poètic, obert, lliure. Sense tòpic ni solucions fàcils.”

Toni Mata, Regió 7 23 juny 2012


Creative team

Written by
Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Directed by
Aleix Fauró

Directing assistant
Elsa Lluch

Carles Gilabert, Georgina Llauradó, Isis Martín, Joan Picó, Marina Fita

Lighting design
Anna Espunya

Scenic design
Ian Gehlhaar

Costume design
La Virgueria

Anna Miralles

Graphic design
Oscar Llobet

Executive directors
Marina Fita, Elsa Lluch

Co-production CAET, La Virgueria

Mei Colilles, Jordi Miralles, Cristina Aragay, Eugenia Sánchez, Javier Banzo, Marc Fauró, Xavier Mestres, Isabel Latorre, Jordi Peiró, Pepa i Joan, Ruffat, Montse Doroteo, Juanjo i Rosa, Nacho i Marta, Família Picó-Tort, Glòria Seguranyes, Agnès Fauró, Nuri i Toni, Maite Arnó, Forti, Nina Castellà, Joan Gratacos, Ana Aliguer, Marc Iniesta, Etnia Delirem, Lali, M. Àngels Perxas, Néstor Navarro, La família Xula, Cisco i Lola, Giordani’s, Família Padullés-Castelló, Lluís i Isabel, Eva Vela, Carme Vivó, Gabri i Irene, Marisol i Quim, Ferran Laín, Carme Brun, Sebas i Lola, Antoni Roura i Àngels Torrent, Ernest, Jaume i Margarida, Jordi Jansà, Cris Baliarda, Paranoia Teatre, Gisela Oliva.

Thanks to
Pablo Ley, María del Egido, Anna Puigpinós, Jordi de Bes, Gregorio Martínez, Pep Martín, Carles Fauró, Iona Sierra, Fusteria Famara, Fundació ARED, Grup33, Centre Penitenciari Lledoners, Centre Penitenciari Wad-Ras and many thanks to all those women and men from Foundation ARED and different penitentiary centers who have shared their personal stories to help set up our show.

Financial support: