“A poetic journey served as a thriller through the weaponry industries”

  • Written and directed by Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín
  • Sala Beckett 2014

Performance recommended by FundiPau and JM Delàs.

A man in his suit in a hot tub. Another man aims at him with a shotgun and wonders whether pulling the trigger will make the world a better place. A woman asks too many questions. Someone is about to come back home. “You’ll never know what you’re just about to break. How much does your pain weight? How long will it take you to drown your own guilt?”

The Weight of Weapons is a poetical thriller. An approach to the weaponry world and its industries from an Occident perspective. It is the story of four characters who live their lives with their insecurities and fears. Who love and hate. Four characters who cry, dance, laugh, shout and fuck. Four characters who question with each word and every gesture what is our responsibility in this business. How much does our guilt weight?

The Weight of the Weapons is not a performance about the war, it is a performance about the lobby of war, about its agents. About the economic interests which make this industry into something “necessary”.

Press mentions

“… mostra d’un teatre compromès i d’interés general”

Santi Fondevila, Time Out

“Una obra compromesa que ens parla directament a cada espectador amb determinació i poesia.”

Time Out 28 de març 2014

“Un viatge d’imatges, colors i emocions que ha de servir per despertar consciències”.

Imma Fernández, El Periódico 18 abril 2014

“És un viatge des de la Sala Beckett fins a París, Ghana i Tanzania, que acaba inevitablement apropant-nos a examinar la nostra pròpia consciència”.

La Finestra Digital, abril 2014

Rehearsal videos

Creative team

Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Directed by
Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Patrícia Bargalló, Isak Férriz, Marina Fita, Carles Gilabert  / Jose Pérez-Ocaña

Lighting design
Anna Espunya

Scenic and Video design
Ian Gehlhaar

Music and Sound design
Cesc X. Mor

Costume design
Mireia Farré

La Virgueria

Anna Miralles

Graphic design
Oscar Llobet

Executive director
Laura Mihon

Mar Medina

In a collaboration with:

Fundi Pau

Centre Delàs



Las Producciones de Rupert


Estudio Maravillas

Financial support: suivant