“The sea will wash away everything. It is not a verse. It’s true.”

  • Written by Ricardo Menéndez Salmón
  • Adaptation by Pablo Ley
  • Directed by Aleix Fauró ans Isis Martín
  • Festival Temporada Alta • Teatre Nacional de Catalunya 2017

Awarded: 2016 Premi Quim Masó  a projectes de producció teatral.
2018 Premi Serra d’Or for best show 2017.
Nominated for a 2017 Critics’ award for best adaptation.

From his childhood, Prohaska is fascinated by images. He will dedicate his life to them as a filmmaker, photographer, and painter. But Prohaska is a very singular artist, obsessed with disappearance and invisibility, a paradoxical man who does not keep a single image, but nevertheless seems to have seen everything. The attitude of this multidisciplinary artist to his work poses two uncomfortable questions: the first – if one can live without ideology; the second – is it possible to look with impunity?

This show proposes a vertiginous traveling in time and space, which exposes not only the entrails of the ferocious twentieth century, whose cruelty Prohaska persists in portraying but the complete map of human shame.

Creative team

Ricardo Menéndez Salmón

Pablo Ley

Aleix Fauró and Isis Martín

Assistant director
Isis Martín

Assistant director
Oscar Llobet

Pepo Blasco, Patrícia Bargalló, Isak Férriz, Isis Martín

Patrícia Bargalló

Lighting design
Anna Espunya

Original spundtrack
Clara Peya

Scenic design
Margherita Mantovani

Video projections
Francesc Isern

Costume design
Berta Riera

Graphic design
Oscar Llobet

Anna Miralles

Promotional videos
Isak Férriz (Las producciones de Rupert)

Executive director
Marina Fita

Executive assistants
Anna Zvaizgne, Raquel Bargalló

Bitó Produccions, TNC, La Virgueria